"This nigga got a Nigga Complex..."

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Me: black male Staight....... Among the shit that you will find on this page: Themes having to do with black and white photography/vintage photography, individuals that I consider heroic figures, cultural icons, themes having to do with rebellion and "revolution" and "non-conformity, themes having to do with water/wetness, music, hip hop, jazz, rock, sexy imagery, beautiful women, religion, war, youth, childhood, psychosis, duality, themes having to do with two's, themes having to do with three's, sex, history, conflict, confrontation, struggle, fighting, resistance, iconography, drugs, some poetry, some erotic stories and other materials that I have written myself.... (to be updated....) Content: not created by me unless otherwise noted....

Now she’s waiting impatiently,
wearing only her panties,
pulling them aside with one hand,
massaging her clitoris with the other…

She glares hungrily at my erection as I stroke it,
approaching her slowly.
She licks her lips…

Her legs open wider for me for me as I bring my cock close to her opening.
She removes the panties completely,
reopens her legs…

She rushes me,
"Come on," she says as I tap the head against the pearl and against the soft, warm labia…

She lets out an animal growl as I guide this rigid throbbing thing into her soaking hole;
It sinks slowly inside her,
filling the soft, tiny tunnel with hardness…

Instant pleasure envelops me.

I lay my weight on top of her,
my cock lodged inside her….

The wetness leaks profusely from her crevice;
her tightness makes me feel like the dick is stuck in there,
as if I will never get it out

(and I don’t mind…)

Her body adjusts to my size and I begin to move it out and in,
making her moan,
then I fuck her harder and she encourages me with nasty words…

(Source: iamshizznasty)