"This nigga got a Nigga Complex..."

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Me: black male Staight....... Among the shit that you will find on this page: Themes having to do with black and white photography/vintage photography, individuals that I consider heroic figures, cultural icons, themes having to do with rebellion and "revolution" and "non-conformity, themes having to do with water/wetness, music, hip hop, jazz, rock, sexy imagery, beautiful women, religion, war, youth, childhood, psychosis, duality, themes having to do with two's, themes having to do with three's, sex, history, conflict, confrontation, struggle, fighting, resistance, iconography, drugs, some poetry, some erotic stories and other materials that I have written myself.... (to be updated....) Content: not created by me unless otherwise noted....

Before I noticed her big round eyes,
her inviting smile and the small gap between her front teeth,
I noticed her large, ripe, full breasts;
the long, bright green summer dress she wore did little to disguise their size and I could see them bounce with her every step.

I was almost salivating imagining her bare-chested and naked in my bed.
I watched her out of the corner of my eye whenever she came into view.

I noticed that she would intermittently adjust her bra strap;
it dug into her flesh as the bra could barely contain her size.

I was introduced to her.
She was pleasant but paid little attention to me the rest of that night.

In the following weeks and months I ran into her more or less frequently as I became a casual member of this loose ring of friends.

I’d converse with her.
We’d share a laugh or two and we found that we enjoyed one another’s company.

Then I’d receive a kiss on the cheek when we’d meet.
She’d smile bright and wrap her arms around my neck and her massive tits would be crammed between us as she pressed them against me.

We began to spend time together as a duo, away from the others. Eventually we began to find ourselves alone in my apartment or hers.

Then one night we took the elevator up to her floor and I followed her to her front door,
then into her living room. I Shut the door behind us…

I followed her closely,
close enough that I could smell the lavender scent of her hair,
as she moved to the coffee table and as she bent down to drop the keys on its surface.

I wrapped my arms around her from behind and pulled her close to me.
She didn’t resist.
I groped at her various parts as I kissed and sucked at her neck and her ears.

She relaxed in my grasp and touched my hands as they moved about her body…

I held her breasts for the first time,
lifted them and felt their weight in my palms…

My cock swelled in my boxers.
I unbuckled my jeans.
She unzipped my fly.
I removed my shirt.
I dropped my drawers and stepped out of them.

Now my dick was solid, throbbing and pointing directly at her at an upward angle as if it were magnetically drawn to her;
she took it in her hand and pulled me toward her…

She was wearing the same long,
flowing sundress as when I first met her;
she lifted its hem to her waist then over her head and It fell to the floor…

Then she paused…

I waited, feigning patience, hiding my eagerness to see the breasts bulging in her bra;
the straps looked as if they would snap at any moment.
She put her hands behind her back, unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor….

I couldn’t help but smile…. Now I was salivating as she walked bare-chested and naked into the bedroom…

I followed…


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