"This nigga got a Nigga Complex..."

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Me: black male Staight....... Among the shit that you will find on this page: Themes having to do with black and white photography/vintage photography, individuals that I consider heroic figures, cultural icons, themes having to do with rebellion and "revolution" and "non-conformity, themes having to do with water/wetness, music, hip hop, jazz, rock, sexy imagery, beautiful women, religion, war, youth, childhood, psychosis, duality, themes having to do with two's, themes having to do with three's, sex, history, conflict, confrontation, struggle, fighting, resistance, iconography, drugs, some poetry, some erotic stories and other materials that I have written myself.... (to be updated....) Content: not created by me unless otherwise noted....

She hungers for dick like few women I’ve ever known…
Her deep craving for it is apparent each time I stick it in her creamy hole;
I touch her thigh or her hip or her stomach and as I’m entering,
I can feel the quivering of her flesh…

A joyous smile sometimes appears on her face as she strokes my, pulsing erection;
she kisses it, licks it,
pushes its tip toward the back of her throat until she gags…

She smiles again as she gasps for breath, her saliva dripping from by balls.

As I fuck her slowly,
her face sometimes registers pain,
sometimes anger.
Sometimes bliss…

The heat of our sticky bodies feed rises steadily as the sound of our sweaty flesh slapping together repeatedly,
rhythmically echoes off the walls…

I feel her heavy and hot breath on my ear as I lay beneath her,
her heavy tits rested on my chest,
as I clasp her ass in my palms,
as her body bounces against mine.

I’m sucked in and out of the tight moist grip of her hole as she grinds her hips against me…

She’s on her knees waiting anxiously for me to put it back in.
I aim my cock at her opening.
I push it inside her again.
We moan together…

“Slowly,” she moans to me.
She moans “yes” several times as I penetrate her slowly and deeply.
“Fuck me slow,” she says…


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